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Because of this, she has spent much time visiting places affected by untamed decay, such as the deserted Russian mining town Pyramiden located by the Arctic Circle and the abandoned amusement park Spreepark in Berlin. Through architectural constructions and urban fiction, Kjærgaard examines the consequences caused by the dreams and desires of a Utopian society. Instead of streets, canals run in and out of one another and pave the way for new canals as well as new courtyards through immense arches in a labyrinthine universe. The walls are embellished with horses, dogs and ornaments, and through the surface of the water, palm trees and bushes arise. Humans and animals alike sail the city in boats carrying designer bags for their belongings. The Moiranians live in houses elevated into the trees by poles. There are horse race courses and swimming pools, and the roofs are used as tracks for bike racing and new layers of residence.

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While trying to open the Cashier Pr. received an error message 'Your browser is using a pop-up blocker. To continue playing, please enable popups foran this site'. Is LunaCasino a safe place to play?


Indenunder forsøget på at åbne Kassereren modtog jeg en fejlmeddelelse "Din browser superbruger en pop-up blocker. For at fortsætte med at spille, skal du aktivisere pop-ups for denne side". Er LunaCasino et sikkert sted at spille? LunaCasino anbefales stærkt, ikke kun takket eksistere populariteten af vores spil, men også for den sikkerhed vi tilbyder vores spillere.

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Streamers Biggest Wins – #15 / 2020

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Vi glæder os til opmærksomhedenati anledning fetere jer. Hanne og Jens Frederiksenbørnebørn Hjertelig tak Bente Kære for den store opmærksomhed, som blev Tillykke medvist damp i anledning af vortde guldbryllup. Hak for morgensang og de flotte æresporte, Dit livs lys gaver, blomster plus mange Gitte, hilsener.

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